Parks in thePines General Store
Parks, Arizona.Route 66 (Alignment 1931-1964). Parks in the Pines General Store & Union 76 Station (1910) also housed the area Post Office.The 1926-1931 alignment passed behind the store. Years later, the gas pumps, windows and the door were displaced to face the new alignment.

- A Top Rated Route 66 Historic Destination, Parks Arizona -

Parks alignments are interesting.   From the turn of the century to 1984 this section of mountainous route 66 changed many times, sometimes for only several feet.   The Parks general store and post office in Parks between 1931 to 1932 changed the front door of their establishment from the south side to the north side becuase the new road moved to the other side of them.   The pavement there is still in good shape but the forest is slowly taking it over.    Its one of the best sections of the entire road called route 66.